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Comment from : LUQMAN SHERWANI

Priya Jain
Hey hii Bhavna that was a grt video !!
Had a quick question can we use the leftover meethi an dilli seeds in any ways after we strain them ..just don't like trashing them everyday..

Comment from : Priya Jain

Amandeep Sharda
Mam mai ye pani le sakti hu
Comment from : Amandeep Sharda

Amandeep Sharda
Mam mujhe periods first day one spot aur second day bhi nhi thodi c ati hai mujhe ye sab kuch 9,10 month se hai kya karo
Comment from : Amandeep Sharda

Amandeep Sharda
Comment from : Amandeep Sharda

Sudharani S
Hi bavana

Am a diabetic new mother
I have chest cold

Can I have this
Bcz fenugreek is a cold one right

Plz suggest

Comment from : Sudharani S

nasreen banu
Can we take this during pregnancy. Is it safe?
Comment from : nasreen banu

Radha Shankar
Hi mam can you please tell me how to increase breastfeeding. My feeding is very low just drop wise coming iam so sad about it please suggest me which food i use
Comment from : Radha Shankar

this powder drink any prblm
Comment from : VIMALA Y R

Meena Panchal
Hi Bhavna, can you tell me receipe for concentrated water of fenugreek and methi seeds? As we are going to manage everything alone after my second delivery in October.
Also what do we do with the seeds left after draining out water?
Kindly reply me soon.

Comment from : Meena Panchal

ruhani bansal
Can I start taking after 4 months of delivery
Comment from : ruhani bansal

Farhana Afroz
Somebody help me plz what is the meaning of dill seeds in bengali.
Comment from : Farhana Afroz

Snehal kele
HI bhavna is there a video recipe on how to lose that baby belly weight post delivery?
If not can you please make one video

Comment from : Snehal kele

nsk khan
Do you drink it before breakfast in empty stomach?
Comment from : nsk khan

Ayesha Zahir
Can I use it during pregnancy??
Comment from : Ayesha Zahir

asra mohd
My baby is 3.5 months old n my milk dried up completely ..is it possible to relactate? N how?

Comment from : asra mohd

Indian Vlogger Anjali
This recipe increases breast milk or not plz tell me
Comment from : Indian Vlogger Anjali

Meriyem Fathi
Thank you Can you please give us some recipes for women who wants to get pregnant Thank you so much.
Comment from : Meriyem Fathi

shamsa nayani
Didi dill seeds ka kuch or b recipes batao... or kya hao garam hota hai ???
Comment from : shamsa nayani

Shaiata shai
What is dil seed? Called in hindi
Comment from : Shaiata shai

shamsa nayani
sava seeds is dil leaf ??
Comment from : shamsa nayani

bindal tank
hi can I drink this water after 15 month of delivery is it work on period time
Comment from : bindal tank

Dhriti Chudasama
Hi bhavna. The above recipe has helped my daughter a lot. Tks. God bless you
Comment from : Dhriti Chudasama

Arzoo Ali
i had delivery 7 months past will diz help me now to lose my weight
Comment from : Arzoo Ali

Helen Flora
Just 1week delivery baby girl . Can I drink this and im breastfeeding???
Comment from : Helen Flora

Aneesa Batool
Thanks 😊
Comment from : Aneesa Batool

Aneesa Batool
Comment from : Aneesa Batool

Aneesa Batool
What a Benidorm of this water during a paregnancy
Plz lem mo know

Comment from : Aneesa Batool

imrana minaz
summer season m bhi ye drink use kr skte hai.......?????
Comment from : imrana minaz

magy maxy
please how can I increase my breast milk supply and won't affect my baby's weight cause I have tried this drink but it didn't work for me. can't still go to toilet.
Comment from : magy maxy

Kamlesh Khandelwal
so in d recipe methi has to throw after this,as methi is v useful , waiting for ur ans
Comment from : Kamlesh Khandelwal

Vaishali Singh kakraan
nice mam..
Comment from : Vaishali Singh kakraan

Tanaya Tanaya
Comment from : Tanaya Tanaya

Tanaya Tanaya
Is methi water safe DURING pregnancy
Comment from : Tanaya Tanaya

Tanaya Tanaya
Can u say what dil or suva in bangla?Still i can't recognize.
Comment from : Tanaya Tanaya

bhavanaji aapke video. doosri channel me be aarahi hai. type in nigeriavacationwjl on youtube. shayad aapko copywright karna chahiye.
Comment from : seema1998

Sabiya Khan Khan
wht is dil seed in hindi can u sae plzz does it ny side effect i m breast feeding my baby
Comment from : Sabiya Khan Khan

sravs lakshmi
pls upload more such videos nd tips for pregnancy nd post pregnancy care
Comment from : sravs lakshmi

Raja Dilawar
hello, my wife want to know that would she use honey instead of gur n ghee???
Comment from : Raja Dilawar

Randhir Verma
how to increase milk supply
Comment from : Randhir Verma

Manoj Agrawal
very good
Comment from : Manoj Agrawal

Indu k
c section
Comment from : Indu k

Indu k
Hi., Bhavna how to set sagging tummy post delivery
Comment from : Indu k

Rani patel
Hi bhavna
I am new mother since six month and lives in Australia .
Can I try this recipe to produce enough breast milk? I am really concerned and craving to get any receipe or tips from you for this as I noticed I am not producing enough milk for my son and he stays hungry during all night as he doesn't eat solids in night time , and what can I give him as part of solid? I am strictly vegetarian so shed some info about this.

The reason I am asking you is I m really encourage by you and your all videos, your help. So I have beacome your fan and used to grab each info shared by your video.
So I thought you might help me in this. Thanks a lot for your time.

Comment from : Rani patel

Naima Asif
can i drink it after c section
Comment from : Naima Asif

Azra Akbar Akbar
hi bhavna what are suva seed can you name it
Comment from : Azra Akbar Akbar

Azaleá la Chapiz
where can I buy those ingredients
Comment from : Azaleá la Chapiz

iss mobile786
Hii bhavna I am 7 month pregnant can I dreenk methi suva water
Comment from : iss mobile786

Gyanedra Bastola
hi bhawana. ..will this work for weight loss,gained after pregnancy ...reply plz...

Comment from : Gyanedra Bastola

Ankita Shah
Hi Bhavna
Just a quick one I am full term pregnant how to make sunth ni goli... Waiting for reply ASAP..

Comment from : Ankita Shah

Dr. Athika Chettiar
bhavna u mentioned we can make concemtrated water. how many days can we store it in the fridge? like once a week we need to make
Comment from : Dr. Athika Chettiar

Dr. Athika Chettiar
bhavna u mentioned we can make concemtrated water. how many days can we store it in the fridge? like once a week we need to make
Comment from : Dr. Athika Chettiar

Sehlla Malick
Hi dear , I have a baby after a cesarean section, lack of breast milk supply, I put my baby on formula feed, first one week I try to give him my feed , but wasn't sufficient , mean while I tried to do breast pumping, but I was suffering with lots pain on my operation scar, back pain , n tiredness cuz iron deficiency so I just stop doing pumping.. it's 4 week now after delivery, n I thing my breast has producing breast milk , my question is if I ll start it drink now, ll it be helpful, I mean ll be starting from zero. My backache is killing me. I want to be pain free so that I can do some hard work on my pumping n start put an effort to do something to produce milk supply.
Comment from : Sehlla Malick

Nadia Adawy
Hi should you share any weightloss recipes /drink to have while breastfeeding
my baby is now 4 months..ive had low supply issues and weight gain

Comment from : Nadia Adawy

Sindhuja David
I would like to know where can I get dill seeds in US? 
Comment from : Sindhuja David

Kulvinder Kaur
Interesting. I'm going to try this for my backache. Thank you.
Comment from : Kulvinder Kaur

iman zehra

My baby is now 8 month can I drink this water but I didint find dill seeds in uae can I use only methi seeds or plz tell me its work on me or not

Comment from : iman zehra

Bhavna's Kitchen
After delivery only.
Comment from : Bhavna's Kitchen

Bhavna's Kitchen
Not during preg, after delivering baby, I recommend to drink methi water.
Comment from : Bhavna's Kitchen

Bhavna's Kitchen
Yes, you can.
Comment from : Bhavna's Kitchen

Rani patel
can we drink this water after delievary like after one week of delievary? and what are other thing to eat after one week of delievary like what to eat...as my mother also not sure...
Comment from : Rani patel

Neha Mistry
Hello Bhavna, thank you for the great video. Can i drink the dill and fenugreek water during pregnancy? I read on webmd that fenugreek can cause miscarriage.
Comment from : Neha Mistry

helping nature
Hey bhavna!would you like to clear it that before delivery can it be drink?and after delivery for how long it can be use?
Comment from : helping nature

Bhavna's Kitchen
You most welcome..enjoy!
Comment from : Bhavna's Kitchen

Rani patel
Thanks a lot for very useful and meaningful reciepe ...much needed and appreciated...
Comment from : Rani patel

Bhavna's Kitchen
Dill seeds.
Comment from : Bhavna's Kitchen

thanks bhavna. my baby is 3 months old now, i had my first glass of this drink today, hope to see the results soon. BTW, are those dill seeds or cumming seeds?
Comment from : kvelil

Raghu Shivamys
Hi bhavana , any other name for this dill seeds? Couldn't find any seeds with this name. Thanks
Comment from : Raghu Shivamys

Madhavi Pendy
hey Bhavana, Thanks for posting this, it really helped in increasing milk, nothing can be replaced. When I stop drinking this drink i used to see the difference. I will suggest everyone to follow this. i drank for 4 months, now my baby is 6 month old Thanks a lot.
Comment from : Madhavi Pendy

Sosan's Kitchen
Can I drink this just like that? I mean I didn't have a baby but can I drink it during my periods when I need more iron?
Comment from : Sosan's Kitchen

Lichtje Moonsoo
Hi Bavhna, Please could you explain what jaggery is? Thank you :)
Comment from : Lichtje Moonsoo

Archana Shrestha
hey! bhawana Can i add salt instead of ghee & guud?
Comment from : Archana Shrestha

payal Sehgal
thank u so much.wat s dill seeds
Comment from : payal Sehgal

this video reminds me of my mother. my 2nd baby is now 9 months old but after both of my pregnancies my breakfast consisted of this water, methi pak, and sooth ni goli for 2 months. I had my mother to help me but I this video is so useful for girls living in the US whose mother cannot come for after pregnancy care. Thank you so much for this.
Comment from : pacharya100

sri rekha Tumu
@SuperVeggieDelight Thanks a lot Bhavna.........I am waiting for u r videos........thank u so much....Keep going.:)
Comment from : sri rekha Tumu

sri rekha Tumu
@SuperVeggieDelight Thank you so much Bhavna.............if u have a chance then post the weight loss recipes as early as possible .I saw some recipes in your new website. I need more snacks, curry's, rices, soups and tips to lose weight. Because i fed breast milk to my baby14months. i didn't loose even single pound in that time......I have a concern in my weight....so if u know u can post some tips and recipes........Thanks you so much for spending time with me.
Comment from : sri rekha Tumu

i brestfeeding but i have little milk i help with formula but that's not enough. how to have more milk in my breastfeeding please ? thank you for your help.
Comment from : KIM LORI

sri rekha Tumu
Hi....Bhavna.... I am the biggest fan of u r recipes ....i learned lot of cooking tips from u r cooking......i have a request do u have any more tips to lose weight after delivery .Because u r looking very lean and smart..........can u post recipes or any tips to lose weight ........thank u so much bhavna ..
Comment from : sri rekha Tumu

As usual Madam you are as pleasant to watch as to listen too. I enjoy each and every video.
Comment from : Anela

Suleman Nathani
Hi Bhavna: It is so great that you are bringing age old wisdom of our Mother India generally to all and particularly to our new generation. If you use a plastic spoon when using glass utensils or cups it will not make the unpleasant sound. Same way when cooking if you use plastic or silicone spatula it won't make that noise which may seem annoying to the audience. Thanks again for these niice recipes. As always ashirwad to you and your whole family.
Comment from : Suleman Nathani

Thanks !
Comment from : The1ProudIndian

Abay Singh
Not for me
Comment from : Abay Singh

Nata n
Thank you for the recipe, my only wish that if you could have posted 18 months ago:)))
Comment from : Nata n

Esunshine hope
I heard that fenugreek is good for hair loss and is good for skinny people .it opens your appetite for food . but also hear that if you drink it your body would smell strange kind of bad smell!!!
Comment from : Esunshine hope

Supriya Soora
bhavna, now I know the secret to your slim figure.. :-)
Comment from : Supriya Soora

Bhavana.....looks like you have a wealth of information....any recipe for ladies trying to get pregnant....?
Comment from : Monica8753

Need more of these types of videos!!!! Great advice!!
Comment from : mad4mac100

Suleman Nathani
Hi Bhavna Beti: My good friend Chimanlal Shah, used to come to Indo American Center with a notebook with all the desi remedies and anyone can make a copy of any remedies they want. He passed away. I am glad you are bringing these remedies to the community. May Bhagwan bless you and yours. As always my ashirwad to you and your whole family.
Comment from : Suleman Nathani

rani d
hi bhavna can we drink this water or only pregnant ladies please tell me that looks so healthy.thanks bye.or can we drink everyday or when.
Comment from : rani d

anusha mishra
Hey, is it good to drink it anytime?? I am not pregnant or have not delivered a baby. I am having a major hair-fall these days, I guess it is due to iron deficiency. Will it be helpful?
Comment from : anusha mishra

Comment from : mysciencenow

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