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Alex Brito
Good news 💐
Comment from : Alex Brito

Luke Rutter
I'm for sure doing this now. This is all I needed to hear. Tryin' to get my HEALTH ON! Thank you for making this video. Even better than what I had hoped for
Comment from : Luke Rutter

Govindarajulu BN
Excellent, Easy . Everyone to follow & ENJOY Health with HOT water drinks. Hats off.

Comment from : Govindarajulu BN

Raja Sarkar
Are u bengali or Assamese?
Comment from : Raja Sarkar

Annu shrestha Magar
What if we drink cold water?
Comment from : Annu shrestha Magar

me me
I have an electric hot water kettle, vlove it...i seep until I had enough...i keep putting more water, pour in a cup, sit. Seep, get up pour more boiling water, sit , of course let temperature drop enough so u don't burn mouth, start seeping again and again, i do that before I start my day. Use to do thiscyears ago , and stopped. Now my health requires me to restart 🙄
Comment from : me me

Albina Gevorgyan
consecutive 4 glass water drink i so am to do
Comment from : Albina Gevorgyan

lucky advani
Good knowledgeable information with a French African accent...
Comment from : lucky advani

Celline Villanueva
"Very warm water"
Comment from : Celline Villanueva

Payal Gajbhiye
I am trying but don't know it will be beneficial or harmful
Comment from : Payal Gajbhiye

I couldn’t finish the video because accent was to strong and because of that it took forever for her to finish a sentence.
Comment from : JASON F

Lemon contains citric acid .Is it safe to have in empty stomach
Comment from : SANDHIYA N

Lady Sammy B
I'll try it
Comment from : Lady Sammy B

Curtistine Miller
This will happen when you Drink Hot water in the Morning::It prevents premature aging,It relieves you from pain,It helps with Weight Loss,It controls food craving, It improves Digestion It improves Blood Circulation, Aids in Constipation, It induces Sleep,It stops Midnight cravings.....
Comment from : Curtistine Miller

Pranav Singh
I am dying in 40 second and my doctor accidentally warms water and tell me to drink it...at that moment accidentally my health got better..

And now..I am typing This

Edit- he died from coronavirus at the age of 80

Comment from : Pranav Singh

Adimong Thongs
Whose still watching the video on 2020👇👍👍
Comment from : Adimong Thongs

Neha Samreen
Can v give warm water to 3 yr old kid????
Comment from : Neha Samreen

Don King
This is trash why throw shade and put the black woman up as the one aging? When science says and it's a pure known fact that most white people wrinkle and age quicker than black people. As the saying goes Black don't crack.
Comment from : Don King

Tshisimani Dagada
i drink nomel tap water
Comment from : Tshisimani Dagada

Jaya Prabu
Thanks,,,useful information for my life
Comment from : Jaya Prabu

Jeff Lugay
Comment from : Jeff Lugay

Is room temp water hot enough or do I have to boil ?
Comment from : Kevin

I drink hot water because of throat problems so i can't drink cold water or luke warm water
Comment from : Lxciii

I will give this a try.👍
Comment from : ASSEGAI X

Atrocious pronunciation !!!
Comment from : P B

You too
Hot water make sense to clean inside of body, hot water cleans things much better than cold, I try tomorrow morning, wish luck
Comment from : You too

Thomas Richardson
Thanks. It's true
Comment from : Thomas Richardson

Vickers VC10
By mentioning trihexyphenidyl to you, I was just jesting. I don't ingest it. It's merely because my medicinal vocabulary is very-vast.
Comment from : Vickers VC10

Vickers VC10
Her English is so funny, it made me laugh! Now I don't need trihexyphenidyl! She speaks as if she's had some hot alcohol. And hot water harms your own mucus. Please ask your doctor.
Comment from : Vickers VC10

Can we take with lemon.
Comment from : SOM S

Reshma Rahman
Omg! Pronounciation!
Comment from : Reshma Rahman

Reshma Rahman
Comment from : Reshma Rahman

Is room temperature water warm enough? Anyone ?
Comment from : jackattack212

Naeem Sain
Is it can heart beat normal when I eat male my heart beating fast is it can help
Comment from : Naeem Sain

Marieta Casipit
Yes, I do drink a glass of warm water, amazing! Try yourself.
Comment from : Marieta Casipit

S Palanisamy
Comment from : S Palanisamy

Mitra Falsafi
Thanks, it was Great 👍
Comment from : Mitra Falsafi

Sophie Mahlatsi
5 p
Comment from : Sophie Mahlatsi

Sottie Rueben
I like drinking could water
Comment from : Sottie Rueben

Kunwer Tayyab
For the last 25 years, I drink 4 glasses of warm water early in morning empty stomach. I started with half glass about 26 years ago and with in one year, I reached to 4 glasses. Anyone, who wants to drink warm water, start with half glass or 1/4th glass, and enhance just two table spoons each week.
Comment from : Kunwer Tayyab

Succeed Sackor
Comment from : Succeed Sackor

Warm water not hot water
Comment from : Omar

Doole Bader
Thank you so much dear
Comment from : Doole Bader

Imsurenba Longchar
It is good...i experienced that but i eat lots of food which makes me fat...
Comment from : Imsurenba Longchar

Andreas Gee
Thanks a lot you taught me a lot I used like to drinking cold water for the whole day by now I have to improve 😂
Comment from : Andreas Gee

Saira Shaad
Thanks for the advice. It means a lot. Hope to remove laziness
Comment from : Saira Shaad

critical bae
It is very good I always drink warm water in the morning after I do my exercise oo it is very good to my body . Thank you sis
Comment from : critical bae

melese ethio
Think You is really work
Comment from : melese ethio

Jackline Mwacha
I like drinking hot water with lemon but my skin stretch and become very dry..crack ....help
Comment from : Jackline Mwacha

Cheltook Tribe
hot water will burn calories , think cold water
Comment from : Cheltook Tribe

Akoy Gwapo
Indians accent ah my right?
Comment from : Akoy Gwapo

Peter Mashishi
it really work
Comment from : Peter Mashishi

no name
Is water on room temperature and warm water same??or I have to heat it before drinking?
Comment from : no name

Elena Valmoria
Lukewarm water before eating breakfast..2 glasses..sometimes i mix it with lime or ginger..at first u wont like but later because of the health benefits..u will love
Comment from : Elena Valmoria

What about black tea without sugar?
Comment from : Lucy

Nazmeen Saifi
Very awesome ❣️
Comment from : Nazmeen Saifi

Angel Angel
I have constipation problem... How much warm water should drink at the morning in an empty stomach??? Pliz reply once mam...
Comment from : Angel Angel

Ramesh Ch. Agrawala
Kindly give your mobile no. To talk.
Comment from : Ramesh Ch. Agrawala

Mejesy G
Hot but lukewarm?? Haven't heard of that before, it's either hot or lukewarm, but I do drink warm water, that's fine!
Comment from : Mejesy G

Vilikesa Bola
Very educational love it
Comment from : Vilikesa Bola

Idah Ntini
Thanks l add Apple Cider vinegar to mine
Comment from : Idah Ntini

Kanita Prishtina
True video.
Five months ago I was with life-threatening serious illness. I was in very strict diet regime.
Since february 20th/2019 I practiclse every morning in empty stomach the following Super Healthy Regime;

1. One glass of Hot Lemon Water (three pieces of lemon)..
2. One glass of Honey Water; one teaspoon of Organic Honey with water...
3. One glass of milk; I put 5 to 7 Dates into the glass of milk, cover the glass and leave it in the fridge night before; miracle benefits it has/ research please..
4. Papaya and Pineapple; papaya contains Vitamine C and Pineapple is the best ever for Blood Circulation.
5. Organic Dark Chocolate 85% + ..... I take daily 1.45 ounce.
6. Green Tea 2 to 4 cups everyday; Anti-aging/prevents arteries blockage and many other benefits.
7. Avocado/Apple/Banana/Strawberry and Blueberries.
8. Green leaafy salads.
9. Two teaspoon of Chia seeds in fruit yougurt/ Two teaspoons Linseeds in salads or meals/ One teaspoon of Black Sativa Seeds. These three seed components are the healthiest above all other seeds if taken in daily basis.

I combine all this food supplements in my daily basis nutrition. It was SO very hard in beginning to get myself into such a strict discipline regime BUT Today I'm used and became a Norm of my Life.

Now I am cured from the Life-threatening illness and doctors were so happy for my diet.
I did my best in my personal researches to heal myself. Of course, AlMighty God did His Miracle part and I Thank Him. Praise be to God. He is the Only Healer.

Comment from : Kanita Prishtina

sabin bishowkarma
Comment from : sabin bishowkarma

Iggy Blitz
So what's the difference between drinking warm water and tea ?🤔
Comment from : Iggy Blitz

Dumisani musindo
That's gud idea
Comment from : Dumisani musindo

Felix Valmoria
It reduces me...thanks tovur info
Comment from : Felix Valmoria

Teacher Aida Channel
Thanks for sharing this very helpful for health drinking hot water on empty stomack. Love itmuch.
Comment from : Teacher Aida Channel

Freeman Avornor
Good teaching and a lovely voice
Comment from : Freeman Avornor

Caroline1 . Okojie
Comment from : Caroline1 . Okojie

dorotea cc
Does drinking tea work too?
Comment from : dorotea cc

Koala Dances
No wonder, my mom yells at me for drinking cold water.
Comment from : Koala Dances

Marisa H
Can I drink room temperature water? Or it has to be cold?
Comment from : Marisa H

Christine Bagumba
its true really works . before 3-5 days i poop now its regularly , amazing .
Comment from : Christine Bagumba

louie fernandez
Very impt. info!!!🍻🍺🎈💄😃
Comment from : louie fernandez

love is my religion
so we're all learning that drinking a glass of water immediately after you wake up on an empty stomach. Maybe it's just a placebo effect. I drink a cup of very warm water almost every morning. I add a little bit of sugar, cream and coffee to it😉. I have cut back on it though because it's much healthier to drink either plain water or some type of fruit juice. I like coconut water too👍
Comment from : love is my religion

Rahma Al-kanaan
I’ve been doing this for a while now, I rarely ever drink cold water anymore because of the benefits you get from warm or hot water 😍
Comment from : Rahma Al-kanaan

jamilul alam
As a ibs pt I always recommended warm water ....no icy water which cause increase your intestinal mobility
Comment from : jamilul alam

Lamont Houston
Who da fudge drink hot water? Luke warm
Comment from : Lamont Houston

Nokwanda Dube
So many thanks to the vedio, myself I drink warm water with lemon ,I'm experiencing wonderful results.
Comment from : Nokwanda Dube

Suresh Muthanna
OMG. Drinking hot water in empty stomach I got rid of almost all illness. I was diagnosed with high sugar, high cholesterol, high BP since 2009-2015 and reading a write up about hot water therapy helped me to overcome all that. I started drinking hot water since 2016 beginning and marvelously after three months of intake of hot water religiously I was diagnosed having no sickness at all and I am free of all these problems since mid 2016 and no more medications now. It's 2019 and I never fell sick except minor cold and cough!!! I recommend this therapy to everyone.
Comment from : Suresh Muthanna

Fils de colonisé Avisé
Thanks 🙏
Comment from : Fils de colonisé Avisé

Juliah wanjiru
at first i used to puke coz warm/hot is so yuck but it has done wonders on my skin
Comment from : Juliah wanjiru

Tere Borgonia
Thanks for sharing this beautiful video.
Comment from : Tere Borgonia

I’m learning drinking warm water when I’m married with a Chinese man Chinese people there are a lot of medicine specially herbs 🌿 my morning routine is drinking warm water with green tea 🍵 and it help your skin moisturizer without any using beauty products just drink water and eat healthy foods.
Comment from : CHINAY VLOG

jhontheraphy felnaning
Comment from : jhontheraphy felnaning

augustine ishola
Thanks for the eye opening
Comment from : augustine ishola

Gene Lariv
I prefer cold water.
Comment from : Gene Lariv

coysfx beat
I have trie this and it really works. Drinking hot or warm water has become my hobby and practice.
Comment from : coysfx beat

norma estrada
Thanks a lot....i started drink warm.water almost a year now....
Comment from : norma estrada

Paulina Oppong Kesewah
Very good, I love doing it
Comment from : Paulina Oppong Kesewah

Ammer Amponin
Thank you....
Comment from : Ammer Amponin

Adams Hafiza
Can I drink water whiles
Comment from : Adams Hafiza

guitara khorou
hot or warm?
Comment from : guitara khorou

Charlotte Ameyaw
What will happen to be the best way to get the hot water?
Comment from : Charlotte Ameyaw

Bekee Nkem
I've been doing this for four years now am 27 but people said i look 16
Comment from : Bekee Nkem

When i start drinking hot water in the morning in empty stomuch,it make me more comfortable than before,and my skin become more fresher than before

Malik Imtiaz786
Very nice
Comment from : Malik Imtiaz786

Faya Olives
I started this in December
I see some changes

Comment from : Faya Olives

giuseppe danese
Im try its good😉
Comment from : giuseppe danese

Mardy Samar
Great I do it👍❤
Comment from : Mardy Samar

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